Workstation Cranes

TC/American workstation cranes provide overhead lifting coverage 10′ to 60′ wide by unlimited length and can handle loads from 500 lbs. up to 30,000 lbs. The cranes are suited for high value work pieces and assemblies such as jet engines, motors, machine spindles and painted assemblies, which are moved through a series of processes at different stations. The workstation cranes can be utilized individually or nested together with interconnects providing smooth movement from one workstation to another and finally to a main bridge crane.

2″ Rail System

The TC/American Monorail 2″ flange rail system is the most economical patented monorail in existence. It’s also the top performer. That’s because no other rail is as versatile or as easy to install and reroute. Hand-pushed monorails and cranes allow easy handling of heavy and/or odd shaped material.

Once your employees have tried the 2″ equipment, they will be happier and more productive. Fatigue from handling 40 to 100 lb. loads can be costly. Yet this system will put that problem behind you. In fact, this system can easily handle up to 4,000 lb. loads.

Even though this 2″ system is inexpensive, it it precision engineered and made of the finest raw materials with proven durability and performance.