Electric Cart Roll Lifting Attachment

Mobile roll handling cart designed to quickly & safely lift, rotate and maneuver a roll.

Power Requirements:

Unit integrated with on board battery. Cart plugs into standard 120V wall outlet to charge.


Approximately 10 seconds per tip.

Tipping Restrictions:

No limit to cycles per hour.


Attachment weighs 226 lbs.


See chart.


Tip up/ Tip down, Mast up/ Mast down, and tooth release controls located near push handles.


All Tip Lifts probes are interchangeable. Probes Feature a patented design that prevents a roll from being released unless the weight of the roll is supported. This prevents unintentionally releasing the roll when the operator is not ready.

Electric Cart Attachment Dimensions

*Unit shown with Presto B678

Electric Cart Roll Lifting Attachment – Specs & Options

Electric Cart Attachment Capacity
Roll Face Width 10″ 20″ 30″ 40″ 50″
Max Capacity 938 lbs. 577 lbs. 417 lbs. 326 lbs.  268 lbs.

*Capacity varies based on mobile cart capacity

Standard Probe Options
Type “A” “B”
3″ Standard 2.875″ 10.5″
3″ Short 2.875″ 6″
6″ Standard 5.875″ 10.5″
6″ Short 5.875″ 6″

*Custom Probes Available Upon Request