Hydraulic Forklift Attachment

This unit slides over forklift forks to quickly & safety lift, rotate and maneuver a roll.

Power Requirements:

Unit integrated with onboard battery. Unit plugs into standard 120V wall outlet to charge.


Approximately 10 seconds per tip.

Tipping Restrictions:

No limit to cycles per hour.


Attachment weighs 528 lbs.


See chart.


Tip up/ Tip down and tooth release controls located on a pendant for the operator to control while seated on the forklift.


All Tip Lifts probes are interchangeable. Probes Feature a patented design that prevents a roll from being release unless the weight of the roll is supported. This prevent unintentionally releasing the roll when the operator is not ready.

Hydraulic Forklift Attachment Dimensions

Hydraulic Forklift Attachment – Specs & Options

Hydraulic Forklift Attachment Capacity
Roll Face Width 32″ 36″ 40″ 50″ 60″
Max Capacity 2000 lbs. 1818 lbs. 1660 lbs. 1364 lbs.  1157 lbs.

*Capacity varies based on mobile cart capacity

Standard Probe Options
Type “A” “B”
3″ Standard 2.875″ 10.5″
3″ Short 2.875″ 6″
6″ Standard 5.875″ 10.5″
6″ Short 5.875″ 6″

*Custom Probes Available Upon Request