Hoist Roll Handling

Hoists, which are mechanical devices that raise or lower heavy objects through the use of chain-wrapped drums or lift wheels, play a vital role in a wide range of industries. If your company must move large, bulky rolls of material, you need reliable, solidly built hoist roll handling equipment that is up to the challenge.

Tilt Lock is pleased to offer an assortment of roll hoists from Columbus McKinnon, a leading global provider of mobile hoisting equipment designed to help users lift, position and secure materials easily and safely.

Our Selection of Columbus McKinnon Roll Hoist Products

Columbus McKinnon manufactures and markets a wide range of hoists and overhead cranes for use in a variety of industries around the world. From their 550 lb. capacity Series 602 mini ratchet lever hoist that can fit in your lunch box to the 60-ton, high-capacity LodeKing electric wire rope models, we have the right product for your application. We carry an extensive line of Columbus McKinnon powered hoists, including electric and pneumatic chain and wire rope models. We also offer a full complement of manual hoists, both hand chain and lever tools.

Here’s a closer look at a portion of our hoist roll handling equipment lineup:

  • Electric chain hoists: Columbus McKinnon electric chain hoists have been designed and constructed to deliver reliable performance in even the most demanding applications. CM’s Lodestar electric chain hoist models seamlessly combine best-in-class safety features with high duty cycles and smooth, quiet operation. The CM Man Guard line provides the long and reliable service life required for heavy-duty hoist roll handling applications, while living up to its name with a host of operator safety features. Other top-notch CM electric chain hoists include the ShopStar, Valustar and Powerstar.
  • Pneumatic chain hoists: Pneumatic hoists rely on air pressure instead of electricity to serve as the power source. Tilt Lock’s offerings include the CM Lodestar Air XL pneumatic chain hoists, which are heavy-duty models with variable-speed capacity for enhanced performance. The advanced ShopAir line combines exceptional lifting speed with remarkable precision in one compact yet powerful machine. The lightweight, versatile AirStar model features superior air leak protection along with numerous upgrades that ensure top-notch performance and extended service life. The portable Air Manipulator provides the ideal mobile hoisting equipment solution for workstation applications.
  • Manual hoists: A manually powered roll hoist enables you to economize while still meeting your performance, productivity and safety requirements. Examples from our CM manual lineup include the versatile Hurricane 360˚ unit that allows you to lift, pull and position loads from virtually any angle. The perennially popular Cyclone combines cutting-edge engineering with exceptional efficiency and durability. The budget-friendly Series 622 hand chain hoist features a simple, compact design that works well in confined work areas with limited space.
  • Wire rope hoists: These types of hoists raise and lower rolls of materials using a wire rope wound on a drum, which can serve as a reliable alternative to chain hoists in specific situations. Wire rope hoists offer faster lifting speeds to increase your company’s productivity and more options for customization.

Tell Us About Your Custom Applications

Although many hoists are standard “off the shelf” units, we can modify most models to meet your exact requirements. We recognize that some industries have specialized applications that might not be compatible with our “stock” hoist roll handling equipment. Our in-house engineering department will work with you to design a product that solves your company’s unique material handling problem. Just let us know about your specifications and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Why Choose Tilt Lock, LLC as Your Hoist Roll Handling Equipment Supplier?

At Tilt Lock, our objective is to provide every customer with a faster and safer way to handle and maneuver large, bulky rolls of material. Using products such as Columbus McKinnon roll hoist equipment will increase production speed, minimize worker fatigue and injuries, and significantly reduce product damage. What’s more, we offer products that are easy to use, which reduces the time and hassle involved in training your employees.

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