Does your business entail lifting, loading and transporting heavy rolls of material? Companies that manufacture or process products such as paper or fabric are examples of organizations that can benefit from using pneumatic chain hoists as part of their material handling operations. These air-powered machines will allow your crew to move rolls faster, more efficiently and more safely than ever. Tilt Lock, LLC is pleased to offer an assortment of top-quality air chain hoists from Columbus McKinnon.

CM is a widely recognized industry leader in the design and production of ergonomic material handling systems for numerous applications. CM’s pneumatic chain hoists feature rugged construction and superior lifting speed ideally suited for power, manufacturing and industrial facilities. These machines’ air power delivers accurate load spotting when raising and positioning heavy, bulky rolls.

Our Columbus McKinnon Pneumatic Chain Hoist Product Selection

Examples from our inventory of CM air chain hoists include:

  • Lodestar Air XL: This heavy-duty, variable-speed hoist provides the higher capacity required for the most demanding roll lifting tasks. The maximum lifting speed of 31 feet per minute will enhance your productivity, while the user-friendly pendant controls offer improved load spotting precision. Typical Lodestar applications include chemical plants and heavy equipment manufacturing facilities.
  • ShopAir: The portable ShopAir model is perfect for lifting tasks at workstations or on production lines. The variable-flow, two-lever pendant simplifies the load spotting process. The compact, lightweight design allows you to move the air chain hoist around your facility as needed. Despite its small size, the ShopAir features a rugged cast aluminum frame that maximizes longevity and durability.
  • AirStar: Another powerful, lightweight member of the CM air chain hoist family, the AirStar includes variable pneumatic power for optimal performance and precision. The multi-vane rotary motor delivers increased torque and smoother operation. The heavy-duty shoe-type brake holds the load securely for enhanced accuracy and safety.

Our Air Chain Hoists Will Benefit Your Company in Many Ways

Like all of our material handling products, our pneumatic chain hoists will allow you to complete more work in less time, helping you keep up with your production schedules and deliver better service to your customers. Because of their built-in safety features and the reduction in physical effort required from your workers, they will lower the number of workplace injuries.

What’s more, your employees will appreciate how easy to use these hoists are, making life on the job much easier and less stressful.

Custom Solutions Are Never a Problem at Tilt Lock

While our stock air chain hoists will meet the roll lifting requirements of many of our customers, we understand that some material handling operations engage in specialized applications.

If it appears that one of our CM pneumatic chain hoists may require a few modifications to meet your requirements, please let us know. Our team of in-house engineers can make the alterations you need to make the product work for you. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable lifting system that solves a problem for your company.

Take a Closer Look at Our Pneumatic Chain Hoist Lineup

Please take a few minutes to browse our current inventory of Columbus McKinnon air chain hoists. Feel free to contact us if you need product selection assistance or to discuss your customization requirements. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.