Tilt Lock is your headquarters for complete material handling systems that make working with heavy rolls simple and safe. Our offerings include an assortment of power hoists that will enable you to lift, position and secure rolls with greater speed and efficiency than ever. We feature electric chain hoists by Columbus McKinnon, an industry leader with a rich 140-year tradition of manufacturing top-quality products such as hoists, cranes, actuators and rigging tools.

The CM line of electric chain hoists is designed and built to deliver reliable performance in even the most demanding applications. You’ll find small capacity, mid-level and heavy-duty systems that can handle a wide variety of roll lifting tasks for just about any industry. When combined with our exceptional customer service, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re getting a cutting-edge material handling product that will serve you well for years to come.

Our Electric Chain Hoist Product Inventory

Examples of our electric chain hoist lineup include:

  • Lodestar: The CM Lodestar leads the way when it comes to performance, safety, productivity-enhancing features and smooth, quiet operation. And with the availability of multiple Lodestar models, you’ll have no problem finding the right power hoist for your needs and budget.
  • Powerstar: Powerstar hoists feature a sleek, compact design that will save space in your facility, but they still deliver the power you need to perform high-speed lifting tasks. Noteworthy product features include a lift wheel with machined chain pockets that are heat-treated with steel to enhance strength and wear resistance, as well as a maximum-efficiency regenerative braking system.
  • ShopStar: ShopStar power hoists are an excellent choice for roll handling at workstations and production lines. The high H4 duty cycle will enable you to complete your lifting tasks faster. You’ll also appreciate the easy installation and maintenance that will save time and reduce your company’s long-term operating costs.
  • Valustar: If you’re looking to minimize costs when purchasing your material handling equipment, the economy-priced Valuestar can meet your requirements. Designed for general commercial lifting applications, this electric chain hoist offers compact, lightweight construction that allows you to transport and use it wherever you need it in your facility.

Experience the Many Benefits of Adding Power Hoists to Your Material Handling Equipment Inventory

CM electric chain hoists require less human effort than manually powered lifting solutions. Consequently, you should experience fewer workplace injuries that increase your costs and reduce your productivity. Because you will be able to work faster, you’ll be able to provide better service to your customers, giving you an edge in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. You will also incur less damage to your rolls of material due to safer and more efficient handling practices.

Custom Solutions Are Also Available

Here at Tilt Lift, LLC, our goal is to supply a reliable, hard-working product that solves a problem for our customers. If an “off the shelf” electric chain hoist doesn’t quite meet your needs, please let us know. Our in-house engineers can modify the design to your specifications.

Check Out Our Electric Chain Hoist Lineup Right Now!

Please take a minute to browse our extensive selection of electric chain hoists from Columbus McKinnon. If you have questions or need help with customization, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll also be happy to furnish a no-obligation quote for any of our products.