Manually powered hoists still have their place in today’s diverse material handling environments. Although manual hoists require more human effort and labor than their electric- or air-powered counterparts, they do offer a more cost-effective option. This is an important consideration for companies operating on a tight budget. Because they do not require a connection to a power source, these models also provide increased placement flexibility — you can use them just about anywhere within your facility.

As a leading provider of world-class roll handling equipment, Tilt Lock is your one-stop source for a variety of top-performing, reliable manual hoists for numerous industrial applications. We’re proud to feature products from Columbus McKinnon, a global material handling systems provider with more than 140 years of experience. CM products seamlessly combine forward-thinking design and engineering with solid construction. The result is a durable and efficient hoist that will increase productivity, reduce operating costs and help to create a safer work environment.

Find the Manual Hoist That Meets Your Needs and Fits Your Budget

Examples of the manual hoist products we offer for sale include:

  • Manual Chain Hoists: A hand chain hoist typically attaches to a beam to facilitate the vertical lifting of rolls of material. Our inventory features the CM Hurricane 360°, a revolutionary hook-mounted hand chain hoist equipped with a fully rotating cover that enables load lifting and positioning from any angle for maximum roll handling flexibility. Another option is the advanced Series 622, a compact, low-headroom model that’s ideal for working in confined spaces. The 622 also requires minimal pull force, reducing the strain on your workers. This rugged, durable lifting system is easy to install and attach and delivers smooth, safe operation with few concerns about slipping or jamming.
  • Manual Lever Hoists: You can use lever hoists for fast and efficient pulling, lifting, dragging and positioning of rolls of material. Their compact design offers the advantage of portability — many models will fit inside a lunchbox! Typical applications include construction sites as well as plant maintenance and industrial use. A popular lever manual level hoist found in our catalog is the CM Series 602, a mini ratchet model featuring a compact, lightweight design that nevertheless offers the robust performance capabilities of a larger unit.

Ask About Your Options for Customization

If you find the manual hoist that “almost” meets your job requirements, just let us know! We can customize any of our in-stock units to meet your specifications. Our staff includes experienced engineers who will work closely with you to make the desired modifications. You’ll receive a hard-working, reliable product that will solve a specific problem in your material handling operation.

What Makes Tilt Lock Your Best Choice for All Your Manual Hoist Needs?

Whether you prefer a hand chain hoist or lever model, you can count on receiving equipment that will save time, increase productivity and allow your team to work more efficiently. And with our unwavering focus on safety, our hoists can reduce the number of workplace injuries that lead to time off the job and potentially costly workers’ compensation claims.

Take a Closer Look at Our Broad Manual Hoist Inventory

We invite you to browse our extensive selection of manual hoists. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your customization requirements. We’ll also be happy to supply a no-obligation product quote.