Wire rope hoists can serve as a reliable alternative to chain hoists in certain situations. As the name implies, these lifting mechanisms consist of a wire rope wound on a drum. The raising and lowering of the roll occur by winding and unwinding the rope along the length of the drum. While wire rope hoists typically are not as robust as their chain-operated counterparts, they do provide faster lifting speeds, which can increase productivity. They also offer more options for customizing the lifting process to suit the task at hand.

Tilt Lock has the privilege of offering wire rope hoists from Columbus McKinnon, a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of efficient, ergonomic material handling systems for a wide variety of industries. With more than 140 years of lifting system development, you can count on a CM wire rope hoist to enhance the performance of your operation, whether your industry is paper, chemical manufacturing or anything else that requires handling large, bulky rolls of material.

Our Wire Rope Hoist Product Selection

Examples of our numerous top-quality wire rope hoists include:

  • Electric: Electrically powered wire rope hoists reduce the need for manual intervention, which lowers labor costs and reduces the number of workplace injuries in your facility. Our product line consists of light- and heavy-duty models in varying capacities for multiple roll lifting tasks. All wire rope hoists in our inventory offer superior strength for reliable, long-lasting performance in even the most demanding work environments. You can also use them with confidence in hazardous material, heavy industrial and spark-resistant applications. Many of these hoists feature a compact design that allows you to use them in confined spaces.
  • Pneumatic: Air-powered wire rope hoists allow your team to lift and position rolls accurately without electricity, further minimizing the risk of sparking. They also require little clearance, enabling you to perform lifting tasks in low-ceiling areas of your facility. What’s more, our wire rope hoists deliver flawless execution in extreme-heat applications. Variable-speed controls allow you to adapt the operation of the machine to suit your unique roll handling requirements.

Customize Your Wire Rope Hoists

Although there is a wire rope hoist for just about any roll handling job, there’s always a possibility that our stock models might not work for your specific requirements. You can trust Tilt Lock, LLC to perform the equipment modifications you need to customize a model to your needs. Our in-house engineering department will be happy to work with you and your team to alter any hoist in our inventory.

Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll create an efficient design that will get the job done.

Why Choose Tilt Lock as Your Hoist Supplier?

At Tilt Lock, we strive to offer roll handling products that solve our customers’ most challenging material handling issues, resulting in increased productivity and lower operating costs. We also make safety a top priority by offering products with built-in safety features to protect your workers. And our roll handling equipment will minimize product damage that leads to unintended expenses that can negatively impact your company’s profitability.

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