Floor Mounted Jib Cranes

The modern world revolves around the word “timely.”

People expect timely service in nearly every facet of their daily lives, and to accommodate such a desire, companies now exercise numerous strategies to increase quickness and efficiency. There’s little room for dawdling anymore, which also means common manpower calls for modern technology to complement it.

Tilt Lock understands those demands and aims to help companies and workers alike achieve their productivity goals, which is why we supply a variety of floor mounted jib cranes to assist with heavy lifting and transportation. In particular, our partner, Contrx Industries, offers a large line of floor mounted jib cranes with capacities from 500 lb. to 10,000 lb. Standard boom lengths and clearance below the boom range from 8′-0″ to 20′-0″.

Applications for Floor Mounted Cranes

Jib cranes might be some of the most versatile tools in industrial settings, as you can use them to tackle a variety of tasks.

You’ll often find them in open areas that allow for use in multiple jobs, like in automotive repair shops. You can use them to hand off different materials from workstation to workstation, or to hook up an item and spin out of the way while you work on other tasks, such as removing a vehicle’s engine.

They can serve as a vital cog in the loading and unloading process, too. Place them in loading docks, as they’ll handle heavy loads without fatiguing for your workers, which allows them to focus on the same task for an extended period. They also take up far less space than forklifts, making the environment feel less cumbersome and cluttered.

They also work well in machining and assembly applications, where you can layer them with other mounted jib cranes to create staged operations.

What Are Your Options?

We carry multiple options that vary in specifications, which allows you the freedom to select the best choice for your particular circumstances. Some of our mounted jib cranes include:

  • Heavy-duty jib cranes: These options feature rugged constructions to handle heavy industrial usage. These options can come equipped with motorized boom rotations to significantly reduce the effort needed to move and operate them. The head assembly has two heavy side plates with reinforcing steel, which forms a rigid pivoting connection between the beam assembly and the column assembly.
  • Medium-duty jib cranes: Depending on the unit’s dimensions, medium-duty cranes are economic units that can comfortably handle up to 2,000 pounds without decreased efficiency or breakages. It has a fully rotating, 360-degree boom for versatility, and the rolled steel I-beam boom fits most standard hoist trolleys. The Contrx brand B series also features a robotically welded connection between the steel base plate and the column pipe, which ensures enhanced durability and a square connection.
  • Workstation jib cranes: If you need a compact unit that handles several smaller tasks, you can choose from workstation cranes that cap out at 100, 250 and 500 pounds. Booms can reach up to 10 feet, ensuring comfortable spacing and ease of use. You can mount lower-capacity versions to most existing concrete floors with little difficulty, and you can easily relocate the units if you need to rearrange the work areas.

Custom solutions are available with most options.

Choose Tilt Lock to Find Your Mounted Jib Cranes

Our experts will utilize more than 50 years of experience to find the ideal mounted jib crane for your requirements. Contact us online to learn more about our equipment options or receive a no-obligation quote today.