In many workshops, warehouses and other industrial settings, you’ll often see cranes of all kinds as part of the equipment ensemble numerous jobs demand.

Cranes make heavy lifting more efficient and quick, but stationary models can limit what you can do. You can find a perfect balance between utility and flexibility with a portable crane, and Tilt Lock offers multiple variations to accommodate your needs.

Why Use Portable Cranes?

Portable cranes offer a host of advantages:

  • Save money: Generally, mobile cranes cost less than stationary models. You can also consolidate with these cranes, as their mobility means you’ll need fewer mounted units distributed throughout your facility.
  • Easy to use: You don’t need any formal training or certifications to operate these units, and their design is intentionally simple to encourage accessibility. The innovative designs we carry also eliminate a lot of preparation headaches that come with older models, which usually require a separate base to place the cranes on.
  • Flexible: An accessible design means the cranes have a greater range of use. Our models can hoist hundreds of pounds with little difficulty, and a fully rotating boom means you can swing inventory items around 360 degrees. Not only can you use portable cranes in industrial settings, but they also work well in automotive and construction applications.

What Kinds of Portable Cranes Do We Carry?

We believe in offering practical solutions to anyone seeking a mobile crane, and you will be no different. With that in mind, you can select from multiple options to find the best fit for your situation. Your choices include:

  • Portable jib crane: Portable jib cranes are one of the most popular mobile options on the market due to their versatility. Featuring its own steel base to quicken placement procedures, it also has slits for forklifts, meaning you can transcend traditional barriers associated with other jibs, like height and reach restrictions. In addition to ease of transport, it’s convenient to store, too.
  • Portable gantry crane: We offer fixed and telescoping gantry cranes to suit your space and job requirements. Capacities range from 1-5 tons, and the heights range between 8-16 feet. With four large swivel casters, you can quickly push the crane around throughout the floor, which reduces stress and makes for more efficient work. Two of the casters feature breaks to keep the crane safely in place. These mobile cranes meet all the latest ANSI and OSHA requirements. Use them in automotive, trucking, manufacturing, warehousing, aviation, marine and maintenance industries.
  • Boom lifts: If you’d like to convert your forklifts into economic, fully portable cranes, we offer telescoping and pivot jib lifts. You can significantly reduce manhandling of shipments and inventory with these convenient units, which install easily on a truck’s forks in minutes. You can slip the lift right onto the truck without any additional maintenance, and a 48-inch safety chain keeps the boom lift secured to the truck’s frame. By being able to reach through and over possible obstructions, you’re decreasing the workload that your employees need to endure while speeding up the entire process.

Choose Tilt Lock to Supply Your Mobile Cranes

The experts here at Tilt Lock possess more than 50 years of experience dealing with handling equipment of all kinds, which will help to give you the edge in a continually evolving environment. If you need a portable crane, contact us online to learn more about our equipment options or receive a no-obligation quote today.