Equipment mobility is essential to meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced manufacturing and warehousing environments. If your business involves handling and transporting large rolls of material, you need machinery that can perform flawlessly in any area of your facility — including confined spaces in some instances. Tilt-Lock offers a variety of easy-to-use portable roll lifting equipment that you can attach to your forklifts and carts. Use our mobile roll lifters to increase productivity and create a safer environment for your employees.


Choose the Mobile Roll Handling Equipment That Meets Your Needs

Our assortment of roll lifting attachments includes:

Electric Cart Attachments
Electric Cart Attachments

Our electric cart attachment can accommodate either 12 or 24V DC operation. It’s equipped with a self-contained air compressor to facilitate the pneumatic tooth release mechanism, as well as a box-mounted enclosure that allows you to place the unit’s controls next to the cart’s controls. The quick release pins make changing the probes a fast, easy process. Use this attachment when working with rolls ranging from 10 to 50 inches in width and weights from 268 to 938 pounds.

Hydraulic Cart Attachments
Hydraulic Cart Attachments

Using this attachment can help you raise, transport and tip rolls at up to a 90-degree angle, even in confined areas. It features a 12V DC hydraulic power unit and onboard battery charger that ensures a continuous power supply. You can mount the four-button pendant next to the lift truck’s controls for easy, convenient operation. Use our hydraulic cart attachment to handle rolls ranging from 10 to 60 inches wide and weighing from 863 to 1,538 pounds.

Fork Truck Mounted Tip Lifts
Fork Truck Mounted Tip Lifts

A distinguishing feature of this roll lifting attachment is the clevis that enables easy mounting to the fork truck’s carriage. The four-button pendant station includes a 10-foot cable for extended range and mobility. The 12V deep-cycle battery and onboard charger ensure reliable, uninterrupted performance throughout a long day on the job. Use this mobile roll lifter with rolls ranging from 32 to 60 inches in width and weighing from 1,157 to 2,000 pounds.

Our Roll Lifting Attachments Provide a Host of Operational and Business Benefits

Mobile roll handling equipment from Tilt-Lock enhances the flexibility of your material handling operation by allowing your team to perform on-the-spot lifting tasks quickly and efficiently. The time-saving advantages will boost your productivity and significantly reduce your labor costs, providing a welcome boost to your company’s bottom line.

Our equipment also reduces the need for manual lifting and transporting, which lowers the risk of injuries and promotes safety in the workplace. Your workers will experience a decrease in back and repetitive motion injuries, and there will be fewer instances of damaged rolls due to dropping or mishandling.


Portable Roll Handling Equipment Applications

Use our equipment to handle rolls containing a broad assortment of materials, such as paper, foil and film. Our products are perfect for a wide variety of industries, including printing, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, food processing and many others.


Tilt-Lock: Your Best Source for Reliable, Productive Roll Lifting Attachments

At Tilt-Lock, we focus on designing and manufacturing material handling equipment that promotes fast, easy and safe handling in any manufacturing or warehouse setting. You can also count on receiving equipment that’s built to last, which will maximize your return on investment.

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