The fork truck mounted Tip Lift is equipped with a 12V DC hydraulic power unit. The unit is designed to lift and tip rolls 90 degrees. Control of the unit is by a four button pendant station with a 10 foot long cable. This Tip Lift comes complete with a 12 volt deep cycle D.C. battery, automatic charger, and a hydraulic tooth release mechanism. A clevis is provided for attaching the unit to the fork truck carriage. The overall length, with the probe in the horizontal position, is 40” and the weight of the machine is approximately 400 lbs.

This attachment will accommodate various diameter probes utilizing quick release pins for fast probe changes. The Hydraulic Fork mounted Tip Lift is designed to be used on fork trucks only.

Fork Truck Mounted Tip Lift Capacity Chart

Roll Width Maximum Roll Weight
32″ 2000 Lbs.
36″ 1818 Lbs.
40″ 1660 Lbs.
50″ 1364 Lbs.
60″ 1157 Lbs.