Horizontal roll handling equipment from Tilt-Lock allows you to balance, lift and transport rolls of heavy material while in the horizontal position. Use them for balancing with or without a roll on the shaft. They feature an ergonomic design that maximizes efficiency and durability and also reduces the risk of injury to your workers. We offer these roll lifting beams in a variety of configurations with a weight capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. Multiple hook attachments are included to accommodate rolls of various sizes.

We Can Customize Our Horizontal Lifting Equipment to Your Specifications

At Tilt-Lock, we realize that no two material handling operations are alike, which is why we’ll work with you to develop a custom horizontal roll lifter that meets your needs. Customization ensures the appropriate balance whether the beam is or is not holding a roll. We can also tailor your equipment by incorporating your choice of the following options into the design:

  • Electric-powered balancing: Electric power makes it easier to achieve the ideal balance for the roll and reduces the need for manual intervention. You’ll reach a more precise balancing result while helping to keep your employees safe.
  • Handle-mounted hoist controls: By mounting the controls for the hoist on the handle of the horizontal roll lifter, we can make it easier for your operators to maneuver the beam. This benefit saves time and effort while reducing the chances of damaging the roll during use.
  • Probe-type shaft: We can install a probe-type shaft with mechanical teeth that will hold the roll securely during movement. Choose between a manual or pneumatic release mechanism to retract the teeth upon completion of the task.
  • Interlocking shaft: You can also select a shaft that interlocks for enhanced performance and security.

Our Horizontal Roll Handling Equipment Can Provide Numerous Benefits for Your Company

Integrating roll lifting beams into your work processes can provide several advantages, including:

  • Increased productivity: Our equipment will allow your team to work faster and get more work done in less time. As a result, you can increase your output without adding more staff to the payroll.
  • Fewer injuries: We design all equipment with safety as a top priority. You’ll experience fewer injuries in your workplace, which will reduce employee absenteeism and help you minimize costly workers’ compensation claims.
  • Ease of use: You’ll find that our roll lifting beams are simple to operate, which will make the job so much easier for your workers. Using the equipment does not require a lengthy learning curve, minimizing unproductive downtime.
  • Less product damage: How much money does your company lose each year because of mishandled materials? Our equipment reduces the likelihood of dropped rolls, which will have a positive impact on your profitability.

Horizontal Roll Lifter Applications

Our horizontal roll lifters are ideal for working with big, bulky rolls of foil, paper, coil and numerous other materials. Industries that can benefit from their use include paper manufacturing, printing and textiles, to name just a few.

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