Electric Tip Lifts provide a safe, user-friendly way to lift and rotate heavy rolls of material off the ground. They’re equipped with ergonomically designed, handle-mounted controls that enable easy fingertip operation.

To use our electric roll handling equipment, the operator inserts the spring-loaded probe of the Tip Lift into the core of the roll up to the flange. The probe contains four teeth on its end to hold the roll safely and firmly in place during operation. The operator can then use the handle-mounted controls to raise, lower and tilt the roll as needed. To disengage the probe, the operator uses the controls to lower the roll to the ground and presses the tooth release button.

Electric Roll Handling Equipment Capabilities

Tilt-Lock offers three types of Tip Lifts to meet your roll handling needs. In addition to our Electric Tip Lifts, you’ll find the Pneumatic Tip Lifts that utilizes air pressure to rotate the roll. We also offer Manual Tip Lifts that offer a more economical alternative but do not lock the roll in the horizontal position after raising.

You’ll find several Electric Tip Lift models available from Tilt Lock. Our Ld1, LS1, L1, L2 and L3 units can accommodate roll widths ranging from 3 to 70 inches. Depending on the model and roll width, the maximum weight capacity ranges up to 2,000 lbs.

The dimensions for each electric tip lift model are as follows:

  • LD1: 27″ horizontal and 40″ vertical
  • LS1: 31″ horizontal and 44″ vertical
  • L1: 43″ horizontal and 56.5″ vertical
  • L2: 52″ horizontal and 65.5″ vertical
  • L3: 53″ horizontal and 65.5″ vertical

Electric Tip Lifts are powered by a 115V AC, single phase, 60 Hz actuator that provides a turning speed of six seconds for the L1, 15 seconds for the L2 and 18 seconds for the L3.

Electric Roll Lifting Equipment Applications

Electric Tip Lifts are an excellent choice for any industrial, manufacturing or distribution/warehousing operation that requires the safe, efficient loading and unloading of rolls of material. Examples include paper and paperboard applications, printing plants and label-making facilities, to name just a few. No matter how you use our roll handling equipment, including our Electric Tip Lift, you’ll experience a wide variety of benefits, such as faster production times, reduced operator fatigue, fewer workplace injuries and less risk of damage to the materials.

Why Choose Tilt-Lock as Your Electric Roll Handling Equipment Supplier?

At Tilt Lock, we focus on creating safer, more efficient ways for operators to handle and maneuver rolls of material. We make our products as user-friendly as possible, and we go to great lengths to integrate the most advanced safety features on the market. Our Electric Tip Lifts are also known for their reliability — we frequently get calls about equipment that has been in service for 25+ years!

Custom electric roll handling solutions are never a problem for Tilt-Lock — just let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our Electric Tilt Lift inventory and get a no-obligation quote.