Does your material handling operation entail moving large, heavy rolls of product? Manual Tip Lifts from Tilt-Lock give you a simple, safe and effective method for tilting rolls from the horizontal to the vertical position and transporting them in the vertical position. Your warehouse team will be able to use our roll handling equipment to lift and transport rolls of material weighing up to 2,000 pounds with ease, minimizing the risk of injuries and product damage while also increasing your business’s productivity and profitability.

How Do Manual Roll Lifters Work?

Unlike pneumatic or electric lifting equipment, manual roll lifters do not require air pressure or electricity to operate. They’re also simple to use: The operator begins by inserting the lifter’s cylindrical metal probe into the core of the roll. The probe is equipped with mechanical teeth that grasp the roll and hold it firmly in place.

Next, the operator uses the button on the Tip Lift’s handle to tilt the roll on the hoist, which causes it to rotate 90 degrees — the device is designed to prevent the built-in tooth release from disengaging and dropping the roll while in the air.

To remove the lifter, lower the roll to the ground, squeeze the handles together and lift up on the hoist. The weight of the roll must be supported by a stationary surface for you to disengage the roll. The Manual Tip Lift does not lock in the horizontal position, which makes it different from the rest of our roll handling equipment.

Manual Roll Lifting Equipment Capabilities and Benefits

Although they’re called “manual” roll lifters, these versatile, easy-to-use, fingertip-controlled devices reduce the amount of physical effort required. Your workers will experience less fatigue and fewer injuries that could keep them off the job. For you, this benefit means increased productivity, fewer concerns about safety violations and a decrease in costly workers’ compensation claims.

There’s also a built-in failsafe that prevents operators from accidentally dropping the roll and damaging the material. And you’ll surely appreciate the versatility provided by our roll lifters — your team will be able to pick up a variety of roll sizes with one Tip Lift machine, which can significantly reduce your company’s equipment costs. The Manual Tip Lift is also furnished with a quick release pin to ensure a fast, easy changing of probes.

Manual Roll Handling Equipment Uses and Applications

Our manual roll lifters can meet the needs of just about any work environment that involves lifting, moving and loading big, bulky rolls of material such as paper, film or foil. Examples of industries that can benefit from using them include printing, food processing and pharmaceuticals to name just a few.

Why Choose Tilt-Lock as Your Manual Roll Lifting Equipment Provider?

At Tilt-Lock, we specialize in producing high-quality material handling equipment that’s engineered with the customer in mind. Our products seamlessly incorporate simplicity with functionality to deliver the best long-term results. We offer Manual Tip Lifts that can fit a variety of core sizes to meet the roll lifting needs of every work environment. And if your business requires a custom solution, just let us know — we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Manual Tip Lift does not lock in the horizontal position!