Pneumatic Tip Lifts from Tilt-Lock can help your company lift and transport heavy, bulky rolls of material faster and more efficiently while enhancing the safety of your work processes. We offer a wide selection of roll lifters to meet the requirements of virtually every material handling environment, including units that can lift rolls weighing up to 2,000 pounds with ease. All of our pneumatic roll handling equipment is manufactured in the USA to meet the highest quality, performance and reliability standards.

How Do Pneumatic Roll Lifters Work?

Pneumatic roll lifters rely on the precise delivery of pressurized air to perform the lifting action. This design reduces dependence on human labor and eliminates the need for electrical or battery power. The operator uses the ergonomically designed handle-mounted controls to guide the cylindrical spring-loaded probe into the core of the roll. The probe features four mechanical teeth to secure the role during lifting and transport.

After inserting the probe into the roll, the operator uses the controls to raise the load and rotate it in a horizontal or vertical direction at up to 90 degrees. This strategy enables the operator to easily move the roll into the desired position. Releasing the probe is a simple matter of lowering the roll to the ground or stationary support — the probe’s patented design prevents the teeth from disengaging from the roll while it is in the air — and using the pneumatic release feature to retract the teeth.

Pneumatic Roll Handling Equipment Capabilities and Benefits

Integrating roll lifting equipment into your work processes can make life much easier for your material handling team — and offer a variety of business benefits for your company. Your employees will need to perform less manual lifting and moving of heavy rolls, which decreases the risk of back and repetitive-motion-related injuries. And fewer injuries translates to less time off the job, which will increase your overall productivity and decrease the number of costly workers’ compensation claims you encounter.

Because our Pneumatic Tip Lifts maximize load security, you’ll experience fewer instances of dropped rolls during lifting, loading and transport. This difference can substantially lower the volume of damaged products your company incurs, which will reduce your costs and allow you to provide better service to your customer base. What’s more, our pneumatic roll lifters are designed to work twice as fast, enabling your team to get more work done in less time.

Uses and Applications for Pneumatic Roll Lifting Equipment

If there’s a roll that needs lifting, you’ll find the right lifter for the job at Tilt-Lock. We offer models that accommodate roll widths ranging from 3 inches to 70 inches and five-, six- and eight-inch bores. Use our lifters when working with rolls of paper, film or foil in a diverse cross-section of industries, such as printing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and more.

Why Choose Tilt-Lock as Your Pneumatic Roll Handling Equipment Supplier?

At Tilt-Lock, we strive to design and produce advanced pneumatic roll lifters and other top-notch equipment that promotes faster, easier and safer handling. Our products are also built to last to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. We can also handle custom requests — just let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to develop it for you.

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Air Tip Lift Capacity

Roll Width LS1
5″ Bore
5″ Bore
6″ Bore
8″ Bore
70″ 260 260 750 1000
60″ 300 300 860 1050
50″ 350 360 1020 1360
40″ 430 440 1240 1660
30″ 550 560 1590 2000
20″ 770 780 2000 2000
10″ 1250 1260 2000 2000
Roll Weight in Pounds (Minimum 80 psi required)

Air LD1 Lift Capacity

Roll Width Maximum Roll Weight
4″ 590 Lbs.
8″ 421 Lbs.
12″ 328 Lbs.
16″ 268 Lbs.
20″ 227 Lbs.
24″ 197 Lbs.