Warehousing and retail operations demand the use of material handling equipment that will increase productivity — and improve safety. At Tilt Lock, we manufacture and market innovative warehouse roll handling equipment and related products that are safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective. All products are versatile and easy to use, allowing your team to get more work done in less time.

Our Retail and Warehouse Material Handling Equipment Lineup

Our broad product assortment ensures you’ll find the ideal device for your warehousing applications:

  • Tip Lifts: Our pneumatic, electric and manual tip lifts make handling large rolls of material safer and easier. Each version includes an operator-inserted probe that enables the user to raise, lower and tilt the roll horizontally or vertically. Mechanical “teeth” hold the roll in place securely during movement. Tip lifts can accommodate loads weighing up to 2,000 pounds — they’re ideally suited for even the most demanding warehouse and retail material handling applications.
  • Vertical Roll Lifters: Vertical lifting equipment from Tilt Lock attaches to hoist hooks, allowing the operator to move a heavier roll from a vertical to a horizontal position at a safe, manageable speed. The operator doesn’t handle the material during lowering, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Portable Roll Handling Equipment: Our portable warehouse material handling equipment offers the benefit of mobility. Choose from electric and hydraulic cart attachments and fork truck-mounted tip lifts that will enable your team to perform a variety of light-to-medium roll handling tasks just about anywhere in your facility.
  • Horizontal Roll Lifters: These lifters allow you to raise, balance and transport a roll of material in the horizontal position. Their ergonomic design reduces the risk of injury and makes them easy to use. You can also choose to add an interlocking shaft for enhanced performance and safety.
  • Roll Overs: Tilt Lock roll overs can load and unload rolls from pallets. They also feature a compact design for working in areas of your warehouse that may be inaccessible to tip lifts. What’s more, they’re self-supporting, which means you don’t have to attach them to the floor.

Experience the Many Benefits of Using Our Warehouse Roll Handling Solutions

Advantages of purchasing warehouse material handling equipment from Tilt Lock include:

  • Ergonomic design helps to prevent injuries and reduces worker fatigue
  • Increased production speed will enable you to move materials and fill orders faster than ever
  • No worries about damage to goods during handling — the fail-safe design prevents operators from dropping rolls
  • Long-lasting American-made products — we still get calls about devices that have been in service for more than 25 years!
  • All products come with one-year warranty coverage for your protection and peace of mind

Custom Warehouse Material Handling Equipment Solutions Are Also Available

Do you have a “unique” retail or warehouse material handling equipment problem that an off-the-shelf roll handler can’t manage? At Tilt Lock, we can customize our products to your specifications. Our in-house engineering department will work closely with you to bring your design concept to life.

Contact Tilt Lock for All Your Warehouse Material Handling Equipment Needs

Take a closer look at our line of retail/warehouse roll handling equipment. Feel free to contact us for more information and a no-obligation quote or to discuss your customization requirements.