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brochure1 (38K) Tilt-Lock handles the cost of roll handling with ease. In fact, we handle it with fingertip control. Because Tilt-Lock's patented Tip Lift® System actually lifts, turns and transports rolls, coil, or spool materials such as paper, film, or foil with the push of a button.

Although one might suppose these jobs to be a small part of an overall operation, a Tip Lift® System can substantially cut costs by speeding up production, reducing material damage and eliminating workers compensation claims associated with roll handling.

Tip Lift® models are available from Tilt-Lock with lifting capacities ranging from ten pounds to one ton. A complete selection of roll handling, coil handling, material handling, and spool handling equipment and accessories are also available. Tilt-Lock also offers the widest range of mechanical core chucks available today.

Tilt-Lock is capable of designing a complete roll handling or material handling system for a wide range of applications. Tilt-Lock has been known as the Roll Handling People since 1963.

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