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Fork Truck Mounted Tip Lifts

Fork Truck Mounted Tip Lift Feature
Fork Truck Mounted Tip Lifts


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Our fork truck mounted tip-lift is designed to lift and tip rolls 90 degrees. A distinguishing feature of this roll lifting attachment is the clevis that enables easy mounting to the fork truck’s carriage. Tilt-Lock mobile roll lifters can handleh rolls weighing up to 2,000 lbs. depending on the width of the roll. The hydraulic fork mounted tip-lift is designed to be used on fork trucks only.

How does it work

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The fork truck mounted tip-lift is equipped with a 12V DC hydraulic power unit, automatic charger, and a hydraulic tooth release mechanism. Control of the unit is by a four button pendant station with a 10-ft. long cable. A clevis is provided for attaching the unit to the fork truck carriage. This attachment will accommodate various diameter probes utilizing quick release pins for fast probe changes.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Tilt-Lock’s portable fork truck mounted tip-lifts provide a host of operational and business benefits.

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Increased Productivity

Our fork truck mounted tip-lifts enhance the flexibility of your material handling operation by allowing your team to perform on-the-spot lifting tasks quickly and efficiently. The time-saving advantages boost productivity and significantly reduce labor costs.

Injury Reduction

By limiting the need for manual labor, our fork truck mounted tip-lifts can reduce worker fatigue and injuries, resulting in fewer additional operating expenses and costly workers’ compensation claims.

Damage Reduction

Our reliable fork truck mounted tip-lifts facilitate fewer instances of damaged rolls due to dropping or mishandling.

Product Specs

The overall length of our fork truck mounted tip-lift, with the probe in the horizontal position, is 40”. Its weight is approximately 400 lbs. It has a speed of approximately 10 seconds per tip with no limit on tipping cycles per hour.

Uses & Applications

Use our hydraulic forklift attachments to handle rolls containing a broad assortment of materials, such as paper, foil and film. Tilt-Lock roll handling products are ideal for a wide variety of industries including printing, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, food processing and many others.

Hydraulic Forklift dimensions diagram
Roll Width 6″ – 32″ 36″ 40″ 50″ 60″
Max Capacity 2,000lbs 1,818lbs 1,660lbs 1,364lbs 1,157lbs

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