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Enclosed Track Crane Systems

Enclosed Track System
Enclosed Track Crane Systems


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Enclosed track workstation cranes provide overhead lifting coverage ranging from 10-60 ft. in width and unlimited length. Our crane systems are ideal for handling exceedingly heavy materials and components, capable of lifting loads from 500 to 30,000 lbs.

How does it work

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Enclosed track workstation cranes, also known as bridge or overhead cranes, can perform a wide variety of heavy lifting and hoisting applications in manufacturing and industrial environments. Overhead cranes are typically mounted on a trolley located on or near the ceiling of a facility, enabling the user to move them to wherever they’re needed. Our selection of overhead cranes includes workstation cranes and two-inch rail systems, both with their own unique functions and benefits.

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Workstation Cranes

If your operations entail moving workpieces through a series of stations, workstation cranes provide a reliable overhead lifting solution to safely transport loads weighing up to 30,000 pounds. They feature an independent support structure that eliminates the need for attachment to a ceiling or other facility component while also making them easy to assemble and install.

These crane systems are perfect for large, high-value workpieces, such as motors, jet engines and machine spindles. The system’s interconnectivity allows you to easily connect adjacent workstations to facilitate movement from one station to the next until reaching a primary bridge crane.

Two-Inch Rail Systems

We also offer two-inch flange monorail systems that enable hand-pushing of workpieces throughout the manufacturing processes. They’re the ideal solution for handling heavy, bulky or irregularly shaped products.

The versatility, convenience and ease of installation offered by these overhead cranes also make them an extremely cost-effective material handling equipment solution. While they can accommodate loads weighing up to 4,000 pounds, monorail cranes will reduce worker fatigue when pushing lighter products in the 40- to 100-pound range. We can provide the right combination of trolleys, rails, switches, curves and drives to meet your unique facility layout requirements.

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Capabilities & Benefits

As a leading provider of top-notch material handling lifting devices, Tilt-Lock is your single source for complete workstation crane and rail systems that will help you work faster and more efficiently while also promoting a safer work environment.

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Increased Productivity

Integrating monorail or workstation cranes into your material handling process will allow you to complete projects faster and more efficiently, which will dramatically increase productivity.

Space Economy

Because our enclosed track crane systems consume no floor space, you’ll get the most out of every square foot of your facility.

Injury Reduction

By limiting the need for manual labor, enclosed track crane systems can reduce the number of workplace injuries, resulting in fewer additional operating expenses and costly workers’ compensation claims.

Product Specs

Tilt-Lock offers top-quality, versatile overhead crane systems to suit any work environment that handles heavy loads. Explore the details of our workstation and two-inch rail system cranes below.

Uses & Applications

Use our overhead cranes in any application that requires the easy, safe lifting of heavy objects. Industries that commonly use overhead crane systems include aviation/aircraft manufacturing, steel/metal refinement, automotive manufacturing and paper production.


Enclosed track crane systems can handle overall bridge lengths up to 38’ 6″ with a maximum crane bridge span of 36’ 6″.


Standard overhead enclosed track crane system capacities range from 250 lbs to 4400 lbs.

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