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Tilt-Lock offers customized step center vertical lifting devices made to our customers’ specification widths. They can provide the ideal solution for special applications beyond the scope of standard vertical lifting equipment.

How does it work

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Like our standard vertical and remote center lifts, Tilt-Lock’s step center lifts utilize gravity-activated teeth that grip the core to lift the roll. The center lift may not be disengaged until the roll is placed on a stationary surface; once the weight of the roll has been removed, the teeth are locked in the retracted position with a twist of the knob to allow the center lift to be released from the core.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Tilt-Lock step center lifts provide a customized solution for challenging material handling applications that is efficient, safe, and reliable. The many benefits of incorporating step center lifts into your daily workflow include reductions in costs, worker injuries, and product damage.

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Cost Reduction

Tilt-Lock step center lifts are virtually maintenance-free, offering fast, simple operation while effectively eliminating high maintenance costs.

Injury Reduction

Step center lifts eliminate the need for employees to perform dangerous manual lifting maneuvers or material handling while lifting, greatly reducing the risk of injury, employee downtime, and costly workers’ compensation claims.

Damage Reduction

The “dig-in” safe grip and gravity-activated mechanical lock and release built into the design of our step center lifts reduces the likelihood of dropped rolls, ultimately improving your profitability.

Product Specs

Every Tilt-Lock step center lift is fully customized to each client’s individual needs and requirements. Contact us to learn more about customized center lifts for your application!

Uses & Applications

Tilt-Lock step center lifts function the same as a center lift, but allows the operators to move multiple cores sized with once piece of equipment. If the operation uses multiple core sizes on the same machine, they do not need to change out the center lift when a different core size needs to be moved. This feature also reduces the risk of dropping the center lift.

Dimensions & Specifications

Standard step center lift dimensions are 3” and 6”, but the Tilt-Lock team can customize your step center lift’s capabilities to enable handling 2.5” up to 14”.

Request a Quote

Ready to upgrade your work processes with a custom step center lift from the experts at Tilt-Lock? Contact us today to tell us more about your application and request a quote.

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