Keeping your industrial location safe and efficient is essential for protecting your investments, preserving the integrity of your equipment and materials and ensuring a safe, clean environment for employees. The experts at Tilt-Lock understand these needs and specialize in a wide range of different material handling solutions designed to streamline worker productivity and ensure lasting safety. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional quality, efficiency and offering the best-value services to all industrial spaces throughout the country. With over five decades of material handling experience, our experts can even help you explore your material handling options and provide guidance on which applications best suit your daily operational needs and budget.

Material Handling Equipment — The Best Solutions for Your Toughest Problems

At Tilt-Lock, we offer a robust selection of quality material handling solutions to solve any type of problem or material handling concerns, lags or inefficiencies you’re experiencing and offer superior performance throughout your facility. Each of our material handling products is scalable and easy to configure for low, medium or high rate output, and can complete work in a variety of different companies like warehousing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, printing and distribution. We’re constantly updating our inventory to include the latest and most innovative handling equipment solutions.

Hoists & Roll Lifting Equipment

In many industrial spaces, dated hoist and lifting equipment can cause significant worker injuries and slow otherwise efficient procedures. We carry a range of hoist systems designed for optimal endurance, heavy-duty use and long-term safety in mind. With our hoist material handling equipment, you can easily store, relocate and maneuver large, heavy rolls.

The state-of-the-art technology of our roll lifting equipment and material handling allows us excellent modern design, flexibility and durable roll handling solutions for any type of handling needs and materials you have from metal foils, papers, plastics or textiles. With Tilt-Lock’s roll lifting equipment, you can experience reduced worker strain, less product waste and damage and experience more versatile long-term operations. At Tilt-Lock, we offer the following hoist & roll handling equipment:

Tip Lifts
Tip Lifts

Tip Lifts are furnished with either electric or pneumatic power. All units feature ergonomically designed handle mounted controls for combined control of the hoist and the Tip Lift.

Vertical Center Lifts
Vertical Lifting Devices

Tilt-Lock Center Lifts provide a simple, safe and effective method of handling rolls with cores that are in the vertical position. Center Lifts utilize gravity activated teeth that grip the core to lift the roll, offering exceptional hold and facilitating better, smoother motion. Several safety build-ins have been incorporated into the designs of our vertical, remote and step center lifting devices for improved use and lasting worker safety. Our vertical lifting devices can manage large rolls with cores spanning up to 14 inches.

Even More Material Handling Solutions Only at Tilt Lock

At Tilt-Lock, we are committed to helping your company streamline daily performance, increase worker safety and grow your bottom line. In our effort to provide the most advanced, effective equipment available today, we not only offer the best roll lifting machinery and hoist systems, but also several other material handling solutions like:

Rim Clamp Chucks
Core Chucks

Tilt-Lock Core Chucks featuring spring activated Tilt-Lock Teeth assure instant, automatic lock-up in a wider range of core I.D. variations.

Electric Roll Handling Cart Attachment
Mobile Units

Tilt-Lock Mobile Units are designed for efficient, safe and ergonomically sound transportation of rolled material.

Roll Lifting Beams
Roll Lifting Beams

Tilt-Lock Horizontal Roll Lifting Beams are designed to carry rolls of material in the horizontal position.

Roll Overs
Roll Overs

Tilt-Lock Roll Overs provide a simple, safe and effective method of tilting rolls where a Tip Lift is not suitable. The unit may be used to either load or unload rolls from pallets. The hydraulic operations are quiet and efficient for better workflow. The self-supporting design of our roll overs offers exceptional stability and mobility while still effortlessly handling rolls weighing up to 6,000 pounds.

Complete Systems
Complete Systems

Tilt-Lock offers complete systems including workstation cranes, a large line of floor mounted jib cranes, and an extensive line of powered hoists, including electric and pneumatic chain and wire rope hoists.

Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts

Center Lift, Core Chuck, Probes, and Tip Lift replacement parts breakdowns and ordering information.

Trust Tilt Lock When You Need Improved Performance, Safety and Efficiency

When you choose Tilt-Lock for all your material handling equipment needs, you can maximize daily productivity and enjoy exceptional quality and safe, effective machinery. We believe in offering the best-value products and services with fair, competitive pricing and a one-year product warranty. Call us today at 800-999-8458 to learn more about our material handling machinery or complete our online contact form to request a free service quote.