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Hoist Based Roll Handling Product

Hoist-Based Roll Handling

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Tilt-Lock provides high-quality, versatile hoist-based roll handling equipment that enhances production speeds, reduces operator fatigue, and minimizes injury and product damage risks. These USA-made products are adaptable to various roll sizes and come with a one-year warranty.

Portable Roll Handling

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Tilt-Lock’s portable roll lifting equipment, attachable to forklifts and carts, enhances productivity and safety in fast-paced manufacturing and warehousing environments. These mobile roll lifters are ideal for handling and transporting large rolls, even in confined spaces.

Portable Roll Handling Product
Mechanical Core Chucks Product

Mechanical Core Chucks

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Tilt-Lock’s mechanical core chucks offer a safe and efficient roll-handling experience, automatically expanding upon torque application. These intuitive chucks, complemented by adaptable core chuck adapters, facilitate quick core size changes and ensure secure roll grip during rotation.

Roll Overs

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Tilt-Lock Roll Overs, custom-built to specific requirements, feature a unique, rugged design for quiet, efficient operation. Ideal for loading and unloading rolls onto pallets, these units can handle single or multiple rolls, tailored to your application needs.

Roll Overs Product
Replacement Parts Product

Replacement Parts

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Tilt-Lock is committed to customer service, offering quality replacement parts for various equipment and expert repair support. Customers can easily request service with equipment serial numbers, receiving assistance either at Tilt-Lock’s factory or through guided steps.

Custom Solutions

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Tilt-Lock specializes in engineering custom roll-handling solutions tailored to individual needs. Their expert team collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and timeline, ensuring the development of customized, problem-solving equipment.

Custom Solutions Product

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