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Mechanical Core Chucks

Mechanical core chucks from Tilt-Lock are designed to ensure a safer, more efficient roll-handling process by gripping the roll firmly during rotation or movement. Tilt-Lock offers a wide variety of high-quality mechanical core chuck products that expand automatically upon the application of torque, making them intuitive and easy to use.

Our mechanical core chucks are unidirectional. When the shaft is rotated in one direction, the teeth engage and bite into the core, causing the roll to turn. When the shaft is rotated in the opposite direction, the teeth retract into the pockets. To remove the mechanical core chucks from the roll, simply turn the roll or chucks slightly to retract the teeth, then slide the core chuck out from the roll.

We complement our line of mechanical core chucks with an assortment of core chuck adapters designed to fit existing chucks, enabling you to make fast changes when needed and eliminating the need to install another chuck for each shift in core size.

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