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Hoist-Based Roll Handling Equipment

Tilt-Lock offers high-quality, reliable hoist-based roll handling equipment designed to increase production speeds, reduce operator fatigue and minimize the risk of injury and product damage. Our roll handlers are also remarkably versatile — one machine can pick up rolls of various sizes, saving time and reducing your operating costs. All Tilt-Lock material lift products are made in the USA and come with a one-year warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

Tip Lifts

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Tip lifts facilitate the safe, efficient handling of large rolls of material. While their operating process varies depending on the type of tip lift, each lift features a probe that the operator inserts into the core of the rolled material. Tilt-Lock offers three types of tip lifts to comprehensively meet a wide range of material lifting needs.

Pneumatic Tip Lift Feature

Pneumatic Tip Lifts

Electric Tip Lift

Electric Tip Lifts

Manual Tip Lift

Manual Tip Lifts

Person Attaching Probe To Tip Lift

Tip Lift Modifications

Vertical Lifting Devices

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Vertical roll lifters, sometimes called below-the-hook lifting devices, speed up and simplify the process of lifting heavy rolls of material by serving as a link between the lifting device and the load. Vertical roll lifters attach to standard hoist hooks while the roll is in a vertical position and allow the operator to pick up and set down while keeping the roll in the vertical position.

Vertical Center Lift

Vertical Center Lifts

Remote Center Lift

Remote Center Lifts

Step Center Lift

Step Center Lifts

Horizontal Roll Lifting Beams

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Horizontal roll lifting beams from Tilt-Lock allow you to balance, lift and transport rolls of heavy material in the horizontal position. Tilt-Lock horizontal roll lifting beams feature a unique ergonomic design that maximizes efficiency and durability while reducing the risk of injury to your workers.

Horizontal Roll Lifting Beam

Horizontal Roll Lifting Beams

Crane & Hoist Lifting Systems

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Explore Tilt-Lock’s variety of complete crane and hoist lifting systems. From jib cranes and portable cranes to comprehensive overhead crane lifting coverage, Tilt-Lock’s selection offers virtually unlimited combinations of systems to meet your facility’s dynamic lifting needs.

Enclosed Track System

Enclosed Track Crane Systems

Jib Crane

Jib Cranes

Portable Crane

Portable Cranes



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