Roll handling hoist equipment is one of the best solutions for improving the efficiency of your employees, streamlining business operations and preventing unwanted workplace injuries. At Tilt-Lock, we provide effective, easy-to-use hoist roll handling solutions to maximize functionality and ensure safe environments. We specialize in working with a diverse breadth of industrial and warehousing companies.

With our extensive selection of hoist roll handling options — including tip lifts, vertical roll lifters and crane and hoist lifters — and by understanding the industry considerations and unique demands of your business, we can help ensure lasting protection, safety and efficiency throughout your property.

A Diverse Selection of Hoist-Based Roll Handling Equipment for Any Industry

Roll handling is the process of winding thin, flexible materials like film, foil or textiles into tight rolls around a core of metal, plastic or cardboard for easier transport. These rolls are wound parallel to the floor and oriented in a perpendicular angle for smoother storage and shipment. Handling these large rolls with improper tools or workplace procedures can cause significant personal injury or damage to the rolled materials, leading to product waste and lost inventory as well as costs.

At Tilt-Lock, we offer several reliable, efficient hoist roll handling solutions to improve your profitability and productivity, including:

Tip lifts: With a tip lift, an operator inserts a specialized probe into the roll’s core, and with the machine’s controls, they can then lift and lower the roll in vertical or horizontal directions. Our electronic tip lifts feature push-button controls for easy use and built-in features for safer operation.

Horizontal roll lifters: With a horizontal roll lifter, you can raise and lower large rolls of materials positioned in a horizontal orientation using several different hook attachments. The horizontal roll lifters are designed for heavy-duty use and can handle roll weight capacities up to 6,000 pounds.

Vertical roll lifters: This option is designed for maneuvering rolls in a vertical position — the vertical lift roller attaches to a standard hoist hook while the roll is situated in an upright position, then the lift allows the team member to move and tilt the load to a horizontal ground position at a controlled pace for improved safety. These lifters can be designed to handle roll capacities weighing 1,000 to 4,400 pounds.

Crane and hoist lifters: For flexible handling of extremely heavy, large materials, choose a crane or hoist lifter. Cranes utilize hooks to relocate and place loads within a defined operational range. Hoists are similar to cranes, but can maneuver freely suspended loads using a rope, wire or chain.

Experience Increased Workplace Efficiency and Safety With Hoist Roll Handling

There’s a wide variety of different hoist roll handling equipment options to choose from according to your specific operating procedures and industry requirements to optimize your business functionality. If you select roll handling equipment from Tilt-Lock, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Ability to utilize one piece of equipment to move, turn, balance and load extremely heavy roll weights
  • Simple-to-use equipment designs for efficiency and improved safety efforts
  • Ability to handle multiple rolls at one time to increase productivity and profits

Uses for Roll Handling Equipment Hoists

With our collection of hoist roll handling equipment, easily store and relocate large paper and board rolls containing an assortment of different materials, including paper, foil and film. Our equipment can streamline the operations of a wide range of different industries, including warehousing, manufacturing and distribution facilities, printing, pharmaceuticals, food processing and more.

Trust Tilt-Lock for Your Hoist-Based Roll Handling Needs

When you work with the experienced, knowledgeable and reliable experts at Tilt-Lock to find effective hoist roll handling equipment for your business, you’re assured exceptional quality and long-lasting solutions tailored to your specific operations. We believe in offering the best-value services and products with fair and competitive pricing and a one-year product warranty. Call us today at 800-999-8458 to learn more, or fill out our online contact form to request a free project quote.