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Trust in Tilt-Lock

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For over 50 years, Tilt-Lock has been trusted by professionals across industries to provide safer, faster, easier solutions to heavy material handling. Tilt-Lock designs, engineers and manufactures the high-quality, modern machines our clients need to improve productivity, efficiency and safety in their workplaces.

When there’s an urgent need for safer, more efficient equipment, you can trust Tilt-Lock to understand and deliver your solutions quickly. We’re focused on comprehensively meeting our customers’ needs while minimizing downtime, injury and product damage during day-to-day material handling tasks.

World-wide Customer Service

We’re dedicated to offering solutions to clients all over the world. Whether you’re in North or South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, or Europe, reach out to us for all your roll handling equipment requirements.

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Why choose Tilt-Lock?

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With over half a century in the industry behind us, Tilt-Lock intrinsically understands the importance of safety in preserving the wellbeing of your employees and the integrity of your materials. With state-of-the-art safety features and ergonomic designs, our equipment empowers workers to move heavy loads with ease, confidence and less risk of injury.


Our equipment is specifically engineered to reduce the time and effort required by manual material handling. Our wide selection of quality solutions can solve any production lags or inefficiencies you’re experiencing, delivering superior performance and profitability throughout your facility.


Tilt-Lock equipment is simple to implement, operate and maintain, even over significant periods of time and rigorous use. Intuitive controls and safety features are built into the design and operation of the machine, greatly reducing the potential for user error and enabling workers of all body sizes and strengths to move heavy loads.

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Work with Us


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Outstanding Benefits

At Tilt-Lock, we value our employees and understand the importance of a comprehensive benefits package. We proudly offer a competitive pay structure and 401k match, health insurance, generous paid time off, paid holidays, and the flexibility to accommodate your scheduling needs.

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Supportive Culture

At Tilt-Lock, our foundation is our employees and families. We believe that happy and motivated employees translate into exceptional customer experiences and superior products. We foster a culture where creativity thrives, problems are met with enthusiasm, and innovative ideas come to life. We refrain from micromanaging and prioritize work-life balance, ensuring that when you choose to finish your day, you truly disconnect, allowing you to return refreshed and invigorated the next day.

Our vibrant work environment is not only about tasks and targets; it’s about enjoyment. From our on-site gym and archery range to our recreational room and kitchen, we have designed areas for rest, renewal, and team connection.

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Professional Advancement

The Tilt-Lock team is committed to each member’s professional growth. We hold the belief that no question is out of place. We encourage you to bring forth your ideas, engage in discussions about products and challenges, and collaboratively innovate solutions for our clients. With our diverse training programs, we ensure opportunities for advancement at every stage of your career.

Interested in a job at Tilt-Lock?

At Tilt-Lock, we offer a variety of exciting positions throughout various departments. If you’re passionate about a role in sales, engineering, accounting, production/ shop, management, and more then contact Tilt-Lock today!

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