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Do Tip Lifts come with a safety feature to prevent unintended roll releases?

Yes. Our Tip Lifts ensure a roll isn’t released unless it’s securely placed and weight is off the teeth. For units with a Manual Tooth Release, an internal spring in the Tooth Release Assembly ensures rolls can’t be released unless there’s no tension on the teeth. For those with a Pneumatic Tooth Release, a pressure regulator adjusts the air pressure to release rolls. This is calibrated to retract the teeth only when there’s no weight on them, preventing release when the roll is elevated.

What material cores am I able to lift?

Our Tip Lift and Center Lifts are designed to lift rolls with cardboard cores, utilizing steel teeth for a secure grip. Unfortunately, they cannot lift rolls with plastic or metal cores.

What size cores am I able to lift?

Tip Lift probes and Center Lifts are designed for core diameters ranging from 2.5” up to 14”.

If my facility uses different core sizes, do I need separate units?

No, our Tip Lifts are designed for versatility. Operators can effortlessly switch probes to accommodate different core sizes in just 30 seconds.

Do you offer any alternatives if I do not have a crane at my facility?

In order to fit any operational setup, we provide both crane mounted and mobile systems.

Do you sell replacement parts for units that have worn out over time?

Complete repair kits are available for our Probes/Center Lifts and Core Chucks. We also have components for all of our standard units in stock.

How do core chucks activate in order to grip the cores?

We offer mechanical core chucks that are torque-activated to engage the cores. These chucks are unidirectional. The teeth retract when turned in the opposite direction to remove them from the cores. We do not offer pneumatic core chucks or air bladders.

If our rolls are tall and the handles are out of the operators' reach, what solutions do you offer?

We provide adjustable handles and removable pendant controls for situations where standard handles are inaccessible to operators. Both options can be added to any Tip Lift.

If we have wide rolls that need to remain level when positioned horizontally, what solutions are available?

We provide both a Counter Balance Bracket and Load Leveler to adjust the hook point on the Tip Lift, ensuring rolls hang level when set horizontally.

Where is Tilt-Lock equipment manufactured?

 Tilt-Lock products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

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