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Remote Center Lifts


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Tilt-Lock’s remote center lifts provide a simple, safe and effective method of handling rolls with cores that are in the vertical position. We provide remote vertical center lifts that can fit 3-inch and 6-inch cores and are compatible with overhead chain hoists. Custom sizes are also available.

How does it work

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Our remote center lifts work in much the same way as our standard vertical lifting equipment with one critical difference: They offer the flexibility of remote control functionality, allowing you to operate the device from a distance.

Center Lifts utilize gravity-activated teeth that grip the core to lift the roll. The operator cannot disengage the teeth until lowering the roll onto a stable surface, which is a valuable safety feature. Once the weight of the roll has been removed from the center lift, the teeth are locked in the retracted position by pressing the handheld button. The center lift may now be removed from the core.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Tilt-Lock remote center lifts provide reliability, flexibility and performance. Companies across a wide variety of industries are realizing major savings in production by incorporating remote center lifts in their workflow.

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Cost Reduction

Tilt-Lock remote center lifts are virtually maintenance-free, offering fast, simple operation while effectively eliminating high maintenance costs.

Injury Reduction

Remote center lifts eliminate the need for employees to perform dangerous manual lifting maneuvers or material handling while lifting, greatly reducing the risk of injury, employee downtime, and costly workers’ compensation claims.

Damage Reduction

The “dig-in” safe grip and gravity-activated mechanical lock and release built into the design of our remote center lifts reduces the likelihood of dropped rolls, ultimately improving your profitability.

Product Specs

Customize your remote center lifts to your unique needs with Tilt-Lock. We offer a variety of available options, including electric remote solenoid tooth release, dual-diameter center lifts for 3″ and 6″ cores, and anti-telescoping devices. Contact us to learn more about customized center lifts for your application!


Remote center lifts are typically used when operators are not able to reach the center lift because of the roll sizes or operation limitations.


Tilt-Lock’s remote center lifts are ideal for many industrial and manufacturing applications handling products that are too sensitive or heavy for traditional lifting processes, such as foil, paper, and film. Printing and paper production, packing and shrink wrap manufacturing and distribution, film and a variety of other industries can benefit from the use of remote center lifts in their day-to-day operations.


Our remote center lifts function the same as a standard center lift, but the tooth release is controlled with a push button.

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Ready to upgrade your work processes with a remote center lift solution from the experts at Tilt-Lock? Contact us today to request a quote for your facility’s needs.

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