Easy-to-Use Roll Handling Equipment

A Tip Lift roll lifting device facilitates the safe, efficient handling of large rolls of material. While their operating process will vary depending on the type of Tip Lift, each one of our roll handlers features a probe that the operator inserts into the core of the rolled material. Using the machine’s controls, the operator can then raise, lower and tilt the roll in a horizontal or vertical direction. The probe also includes mechanical “teeth” that hold the roll securely in place while moving.

Tilt Lift Offers Several Types of Tip Lift Roll Handlers for Sale

There are several versions of roll lifting equipment available from Tilt Lock:

Pneumatic Tip Lift
Pneumatic Tip Lifts

Our selection of Pneumatic Tip Lifts rely on compressed air as the power source. Optional “All Air” Tip Lifts can be the ideal roll lifting solution in areas that do not have access to AC outlets. Our Air Tip Lifts are twice as fast and include flow control mufflers for making fast, easy adjustments. You can choose an air-powered roll handling manipulator that can accommodate roll widths from 3 to 70 inches and roll weights up to 2,000 pounds. All of our pneumatic tip lifts require a minimum pressure of 90 psi to operate.

Electric Tip Lifts
Electric Tip Lifts

Our Electric Tip Lifts are equipped with a 115V AC-powered, single-phase 60Hz actuator that delivers smooth, efficient performance. Electric units do not require waiting for compressors to fill up with air, and they’re easy to control and handle. Your operators will also appreciate the lessening of strain and fatigue that often accompanies manually powered equipment. We offer several electric roll lifter options that can accommodate roll widths from 3 to 70 inches and roll weights up to 2,000 pounds.

Manual Tip Lifts
Manual Tip Lifts

 Manual Tip Lifts offer an economical alternative to electric or pneumatic-powered models. Use them for tilting rolls from a horizontal to vertical position (they will not lock in the horizontal position) and for vertical roll transportation. As a safety precaution, the tooth release will not disengage from the probe while the roll is in the air. We offer manual roll lifting devices that can fit a variety of core sizes and have a maximum load capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.

Common Applications for Roll Handlers

If your business involves lifting or loading any type of roll, you can likely benefit from using our roll lifting equipment. Examples include printing operations, label manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centers, fabric/yarn producers and packaging plants, to name just a few. We can assist you with selecting the ideal roll handler for your applications and budget.

Tilt Lock: Your Best Choice for Roll Lifting Equipment

Here at Tilt Lock, we focus on offering high-quality, reliable Tilt Lifts that are easy and safe to use. We’ve designed our equipment to increase production speeds, reduce operator fatigue and minimize the risk of product damage. You’ll also appreciate the versatility of our roll handlers — one machine can pick up rolls of various sizes, which can save time and reduce your operating costs. All of our products are made in the USA and come with a one-year warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

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