Vertical roll lifters, sometimes referred to as below the hook lifting devices, speed up and simplify the process of lifting heavy rolls of material. They serve as a link between the lifting device and the load — they attach to standard hoist hooks while the roll is in a vertical position, allowing the operator to tilt the load down to a horizontal ground position at a safe, controlled speed. The operator does not need to handle the roll during the lowering process, significantly reducing the risk of injury and damage to the material.


Several Vertical Lifting Equipment Options From Tilt-Lock

As a leading producer and supplier of high-quality material handling lifting devices for a wide variety of industries, Tilt-Lift can provide your company with top-performing vertical roll handling equipment specifically designed for your applications. Our selection includes:

Vertical Center Lifts
Vertical Center Lifts

Center lifts feature gravity-activated mechanical teeth that firmly grasp and secure the roll of material during lifting. They also include a remote solenoid release mechanism that enables the operator to retract the teeth by twisting a knob. The operator cannot disengage the teeth until lowering the roll onto a stable surface, which is a valuable safety feature. We offer vertical center lifts that can accommodate rolls with cores ranging from three to 14 inches. A variety of optional features are also available.

Remote Center Lifts
Remote Center Lifts

 Our remote center lifts work in much the same way as our standard vertical lifting equipment with one critical difference: They offer the flexibility of remote control functionality, allowing you to operate the device from a distance. We provide remote vertical center lifts that can fit six-inch and 12-inch cores and are compatible with overhead chain hoists.

Tilt-Lock Step Center Lifts
Step Center Lifts

We also offer step center vertical lifting devices made to our customers’ specifications. They can provide the ideal solution if you need a custom product for a special application that’s beyond the scope of stock vertical lifting equipment.

Vertical Roll Lifters for a Variety of Applications

You can use vertical lifting equipment from Tilt-Lock for a broad assortment of industrial and manufacturing applications. These vertical lifting devices typically work best when handling products that are too sensitive or heavy for traditional lifting processes — examples include foil, paper and film, to name a few. Industries that can benefit from integrating vertical lifters into their material handling processes include printing and paper production, packing and shrink wrap manufacturing and distribution.


Tilt-Lock: The Best Choice for All of Your Vertical Lifting Equipment Needs

At Tilt-Lock, we focus on providing premium lifting equipment solutions that are engineered with the customer in mind. Our goal is to supply you with a product that will increase your production speed, reduce worker fatigue and injuries and prevent damage to materials. We also offer products that are easy to apply to save you time and hassle. In addition, our equipment is among the most reliable in the industry — all our products are built to last, which reduces your long-term operating expenses and maximizes your return on investment.


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